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Programs to Ensure Success for All Students

We provide a full range of programs to ensure that all students are learning. Services which are a key part of our success include our school psychologist/counselor, speech clinicians,intervention specialists, special educators and gifted consultants.These range from resource and self-contained special education programs,counseling and counseling curriculum, to reading intervention and math assistance programs as well as consultation for gifted needs. Following the Response to Intervention initiative we are able to utilize these services in a flexible manner to assist all students. We are also fortunate to have the Special Needs Preschools as part of Hyalite School.

No Child Left Inside

Because one of the factors of an effective school is student engagement and motivation, we utilize the great outdoors around us in Bozeman, Montana as outdoor classrooms. We will work closely with the concept of "No Child Left Inside", an initiative of the federal government: This concept supports the science standards of the Bozeman Public Schools. See the elementary standards for our district.

Our proximity to the Bozeman Ponds andHyalite Canyon support this endeavor. Several studies have found that,when environmental education is incorporated into the curriculum or used as an integrating context for learning, students perform better on standardized tests in reading, math, writing, social studies, and science. Other studies have documented that environmental education achieves the following: improves critical thinking skills; motivates students to become more engaged in the classroom and achieve more strongly in their schoolwork; reduces discipline and classroom management problems; encourages civic engagement and environmental stewardship; and better problem-solving skills.

Along with our outdoor emphasis, we have garden plots along the west side of our playground for each grade level.We take digital field trips to our neighboring ponds and HyaliteCanyon. Pond Field Trip 2009 (Movie).The riparian area around our creek is planted with flora to further diverse growth in life which we study seasonally. Working with the landscapers we have almost completely edible trees and bushes on our school ground to further our outdoor engagement. We utilize the GallatinForest Service and Montana Fish Parks and Wildlife personnel in staff field trips as well as student field trips in the great outdoors surrounding our community.

We realize that we need to find the way to balance exposure to nature with an increasing technological world around us while still preparing students for the 21st century. In order for our students to grow up to be caring adults who contribute to the global community we must teach them to care and to function in a community.We look at all of the education today not as barriers but as possibilities.

We are partnering with the Gallatin NationalForest Service, the Audubon Society, Montana Outdoor Science School andMontana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Commission to further our endeavor.

Partnership with Parents

When parents work with the school community,student success is assured. All of our staff members are ready to help your student succeed. Besides the stellar teaching staff, our principal, our school psychologist, our parent liaison, our after school coordinator, and our specialists are all available to assist you with any needs regarding your child. In addition, there are many ways to partner with a school. These include helping teachers with materials for the classroom, volunteering, coming to school events, joining ourPAC, Parent Action Committee, or having conversations with us.

At Hyalite Elementary School, we also have a program called Pint Sized Playerswherein parents with children age –3 months participate in a program with Thrive (see below) personnel wherein parents and children come toHyalite for learning/play sessions and become familiar with their future school.

The Child Advancement Project

This project established in 1989 by Thrive,matches nurturing community volunteers who provide support and encouragement to children grades K-12.These mentors work one-on-one with children to increase academic and social competency and to enhance opportunities for academic challenge. They help students establish meaningful goals and develop a belief in their individual uniqueness and their ability to shape their own futures. Their efforts complement those of the teacher and the family.

Parent Liaison Program

The Parent Liaisons, established in 1995,serve as a link between home and school because when these linkages are strong children succeed. Liaisons are professionals who work as part of a school team. They help parents to work in partnership with schools to enhance opportunities for their child’s success; access community resources; and assist parents in developing effective parenting strategies based on their child’s stage of development.

What is Hyalite PAC?

Hyalite PAC is the Parent Advisory Council of the Hyalite Elementary School. It is an organization made up of parents and guardians who are interested in learning more about our school,connecting with other parents, offering time for school committees and events, demonstrating increased involvement and interest in supporting our school’s children and staff, or any of these. PAC is the officially recognized voice of parents at the school level, providing an opportunity for parents and guardians to advise on school programs,policies, plans and activities. The purpose of PAC is to support,promote and improve the quality of education and well being of Hyalite students and encourage parent participation at Hyalite ElementarySchool. All parents and guardians of children enrolled at Hyalite are automatically members of PAC.Teachers and staff are welcome, too! Family involvement at Hyalite helps define this wonderful learning community. Not only does your involvement show your children how important they are, but also allows you to connect with other parents, as well as your kid’s friends andclassmates.

PAC members support the goals of HyaliteElementary School by attending PAC meetings, serving on committees,assisting in the classroom, raising funds for school programs, and participating in program-wide or community events. PAC supports students and staff in the following ways:

  • Individual and class pictures
  • Art and music in the classroom
  • Staff Appreciation
  • Classroom fieldtrips (scholarships and bussing)
  • Classroom equipment and materials
  • Drama workshops
  • Fall Festival and Farmer’s Market
  • After-School Program field trip scholarships

How can you help PAC?

Volunteer and contribute your time, effort,connections or money for our Hyalite School Programs. Time commitment for PAC varies depending on the time you have available and your desired level of involvement. Some parents attend one or all of the three annual meetings, some parents work behind the scene helping with projects for the classroom, while some parents give countless hours to large school fundraisers and events. Time needed for each activity and any involvement is appreciated. Every little bit helps.

The PAC officially meets three times during the school year. The First General Meeting for 2010-2011 is scheduled on October 12 from 6:00-7:30 pm at the school library. Free child care is available during these meetings. Pizza is provided.

PAC Future Meetings:

  • October 11
  • December 13
  • February 7
  • April 10
  • May 8

Each meeting is 60-minutes long and starts from6:00 to 7:00 PM in the School Library. We understand you're busy and will be respectful of your time! Child Care and Pizza are always provided.

2010-2011 Hyalite PAC Board

  • President: Ingrid Wussow
  • President-Elect: Amy Whittle
  • Secretary: Tanya Tsukamoto
  • Treasurer: Kara Neil
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Brooke McTavish

We are always looking for new people and look forward to meeting you. There are many opportunities and positions available that do not require a large commitment. Please contact us at with questions or interest. We look forward to meeting you!

For more information:

If you would like to learn more about Hyalite PAC or wish to speak with one of our representatives, please call 579-8307.

PAC Newsletters

PAC Newsletters