High School Naming Process

High School Naming Process
Posted on 01/15/2019
High School

At the Board meeting on March 25, 2019, the Trustees voted unanimously to approve the name Gallatin for the new high school.

Survey results were as follows:
Staff (N=318, representative random sample) Gallatin 39%, Spanish Peaks 22%, West 18%, Westslope 12%, Storm Castle 11%
Community (N=9347, not a representative sample) Gallatin 43%, Spanish Peaks 19%, West 17%, Storm Castle 14%, Westslope 8%
Students (N= 485, representative random sample of students grade 5-9, margin of error +/- 5%) Gallatin 30%, Storm Castle 26%, Spanish Peaks 22%, West 13%, Westslope 9%
Students (N = 1934, all responses from BSD7 and rural schools, grades 5-9) Gallatin 30%, Storm Castle 26%, Spanish Peaks 22%, West 13%, Westslope 9%

The BSD7 Board and Naming Committee have narrowed down the list of school names to five finalists:  Gallatin High School, Spanish Peaks High School, Storm Castle High School, West High School, & Westslope High School.

We are seeking community feedback on these five names with an on-line poll.
The opportunity to participate in the online poll closed on March 20th at 5pm.
Results of the poll will be presented to the School Board at their March 25 meeting.

January 15 - February 15, 2019
The District collected school name suggestions using an on-line nomination process.  716 individuals submitted name suggestions, which resulted in 176 unique names.  HERE is the list of names that were submitted.

February 15 - February 25, 2019
District administration conducted focus groups to get feedback on the 176 suggested names.  Focus groups included middle and high school students, teachers and parents, in total more than 120 individuals.  The purpose of the focus groups was to narrow down the list of 176 suggestions.  The following 19 names gained support from the focus groups.
Semi-finalist list.
Battle Ridge, Bitterroot, Blackmore, Gallatin, Gallatin Valley, Granite Peak, Jeanette Rankin, Montana Rockies, Mountain View, Ponderosa, Rocky Mountain, Spanish Peaks, Storm Castle, Sweat Pea, Treasure State, West, West Side, West Valley, Westslope

The transition committee (including parents, students and staff) met and narrowed down the list of semi-finalists to three finalist names: Spanish Peaks, Storm Castle & Westslope.  On February 25, the School Board discussed the finalists and voted to approve Westslope as the name of the new high school.

March 4 - March 20, 2019
Based on community feedback about the name selection, the School Board met to discuss the process on Monday, March 4.  The Board voted 5-3 to direct administration to seek more community input on the three finalists: Spanish Peaks, Storm Castle and Westslope.  In addition, the Board recommended the selection of two additional names from the list of 19 semi-finalists.  The transition committee met and decided to add West and Gallatin to the list of finalists. 

The administration is currently seeking community input on the five finalists using an on-line poll  (See link at the top of this page.)  In addition, administration is conducting surveys with middle and high school students and district staff.  Results of the polling will be discussed at the next Board meeting, Monday, March 25.

Questions about the process or comments can be directed to the Superintendent's Office, Rob Watson, 522-6001

Comments for consideration by the Board of Trustees should be directed to the following email:  trustees@bsd7.org

Information about the nomination process & district policy.

Nominations are now closed.  The finalists have been selected.  Please see link at the top of this page to participate in the on-line poll.

Here are some parameters for making a suggestion for the name of the new school.  These rules are set by our District policies regarding naming of facilities.  Please read before submitting your suggestion.
1. District buildings, may be named after persons who have attained international, national, state, or local prominence, or after persons who have made a significant contribution to the district, or after the geographic characteristics of the area in which the facility is located.

2. In addition, when possible the name shall be known to, and significant to, the people of the District.  

3. The names shall not conflict with the names of other schools in the District or surrounding districts.  (Please see below for a list of both local schools and AA schools in the State.)  

4. The use of the names of living persons, or persons whose death occurred within five years of the selection shall be avoided.

District Policy #9250 - Dedication of School Facilities

District Procedure #9250P

AA & Local School Names

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